How do I break the spell of disenchantment that is so easy for me to fall under?

As I go through my everyday- but particularly when I am going through a dark and unsettled time such as I am now- it is vitally important for me to be mindful of my thoughts, my story around my experience of my life.

Words are powerful things. They create. They destroy. They are tangible representations of intangible, implicit, abstract thoughts. Words coalesce energy into form and deploy that energy out into the world. At its Latin roots, the word “incantation” or “incantare” means “to consecrate with spells”  or “to sing spells over”. To think, to speak, is to engage in the act of incantation. It is spell work.

No wand required.

Our stories, the ones we tell ourselves with every breath, the ones that come to us from the outside and settle into our souls, cast about us like webs supporting and sometimes trapping us in their spells. It’s not that the webs are bad. I don’t want to banish them. What I desire is to master the art of enchantment. To learn to dance across the web without getting tangled up in it…

(All content © Karen Opp. All rights reserved.)


About Karen

I am a fifty-something anthropology student, an artist, dancer, photographer, healer, mother, grandmother and perennial seeker. I am distracted by shiny things and infused with a sense of wonder at the world around me and people in general. I am a “journey” person who often wishes that I could have a “destination” day at least every now and then…
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