365, Day 149: Sturm und Drang

365, Day 149

Again, I’ve never painted like this before. It flew out of me and then I immediately hated the hell out of it. I had such a strong urge to just rip it off the watercolor block and trash it. Instead, I walked away and went to bed.

In the morning, I looked at it with very different eyes. It’s curious…I wonder about having such a visceral reaction to something “new” that emerged from deep inside me. I wonder about that inner dialogue that teetered between, “Destroy it, quickly!”, and, “No, wait (hint: this is good stuff)”. To some extent, I see it as a visual metaphor for the changing dynamics within myself and my life in general.

But then, I see metaphor in everything.

(© Karen Opp. All rights reserved.)

About Karen

I am a fifty-something anthropology student, an artist, dancer, photographer, healer, mother, grandmother and perennial seeker. I am distracted by shiny things and infused with a sense of wonder at the world around me and people in general. I am a “journey” person who often wishes that I could have a “destination” day at least every now and then…
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