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365, Day 194: Shorelines & Safe Harbor

I don’t know where this shoreline and gentle blue water came from on the cold, early December morning when it appeared. These things happen, however, and I tend not to question them too intently. (© Karen Opp. All rights reserved.) … Continue reading

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365, Day 120: Happiness & Imperfection

A big part of my life right now is learning where to focus my resources and learning to live with imperfection. And, ironically, learning to be happy. In this moment. I wonder, as I write this, if being happy in … Continue reading

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365, Day 56

Seascape in Permanent Magenta. Ok, so in your browser window, this might not look like a seascape. But trust me, in my hand, this looks like a seascape. No really. Again, I think the subtle color of some of the … Continue reading

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